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Post exam fun!

Hello everyone!

Just like that exams are over once again! I hope they went well for everyone. But if not, no worries as well! We have some events coming up that will take your mind off of it all.

Firstly, next Wednesday there is once again going to be a social! It has been a while, but it is allowed gain. To help you with forgetting both the exams and the cold weather, the social has a nice Hawaiian theme. The social will start at 19:00 and signing up is possible through the website!

Right before the social on Wednesday, there will be a Pre Social Talk done by Beeproger. It will be at the same location as the social, and this event will have its own drinks provided. It will be an interesting and fun talk, so make sure to sign up for this as well!

On Friday, there will be another fun night! This time around, the LCDee is taking everyone to play games at an arcade! Load up your credits, win all the games, and cash in your tickets at the end! The arcade night promises to be an awesome game experience for everyone!

Important to mention is that next week Thursday is the last day that it is possible to sign up for the Board Grant Club. This club will be capable to request a sum of money, to then spend that on a fun activity for the whole association! If you have any ideas for where the money should go, or if you really want to become apart of the club, then you should fill in the google form that can be found on the Cover website!

Last but not least, we have another great opportunity for everyone! This one concerns the Green Working Group! This year, sustainability is one of the main points of Board XXX's policy plan. Some initiatives are already in the works, but there are many exciting ideas for environment-focused events as well as proposals for internal changes to the association that the board needs some help to accomplish. If you also care about sustainability and you want to help us accomplish these goals, then please sign up for the Green Working Group!

And that was it for this week everyone! There is more fun things coming up then what was mentioned in this newsletter, so please make sure to check out the full calendar for the entire overview. I hope to see you all at the upcoming events!

Hasta la vista,


We want you to be in a committee!

A committee is a group of friends that work towards a common goal. You can learn about all sorts of topics such as budgeting, planning, sponsoring, and much more! See the website for a complete overview of committees that are looking for members!

StudCee: The StudCee is here to provide study support! Either by organizing support lectures, hosting old exams and summaries online, or maintaining an awesome tutoring system, they try to give students that little extra edge on a more personal level, and make sure to have fun in the process.

LCDee: The LANs, Computers and Drinking committee is the committee responsible for organizing the yearly LAN parties, fun gaming tournaments, and the Crash & Compile, which is a programming competition involving a lot of free beer. Next to that they also moderate the Cover Discord.

SporTee: The goal of the SporTee is to keep the members of Cover in shape by organising sporty and fun activities. Things like bouldering, karting, and ice skating are all among the fun activities they have organised!

Are you interested in joining a committee? Don't hesitate to contact Zoe, our Commissioner of Internal Affairs!

Nice to know

The learning community 'Business Value of Artificial Intelligence' is about how artificial intelligence contributes to the capabilities and competitiveness of organisations in today's digital times. Several organisations will be involved in the learning community that will provide teams of students with assignments, to make you work on and learn about the business applications and challenges around AI. Many organisations are still in the early phases of exploring the possibilities and the discovering the impact of these new technological opportunities on their processes, which makes it a very interesting and relevant field.

Part of the learning community will be a trip to the Berlin HUB, one of the largest conferences on IT and Digitalization in Europe.

Applying can be done here, and please email Bas Baalmans in case you have any questions!

At Stichting KEI we are looking for International Advisors. These persons will assist the Executive Board with all things related to internationalization in the KEI-week. This year we want to improve the International Welcome, for example. This event is aimed at all international students participating in the KEI-week. You will help make a presentation, give information and look for parties that can help international students in their study period. Other tasks vary from helping write the KEI-Magazine to brainstorming about Mix It Up! activities on various events, to promote integration between Dutch and international students. Preferably, this person thus has lots of knowledge about the international network in Groningen. If you have questions or if you are interested, you can send a message to +31624359141 or send an email to

Groningen's very own e-Sports association, Fairplay, will be organising several tournaments in the coming month! This Wednesday at 19:00 there is the monthly Smash tournament, for which you can sign up here.

They will also be hosting a free League of Legends tournament next Saturday, on the 12th of February. Finally, the Saturday after that, on the 19th, they will host a Rocket League tournament. For more information (including signup links once available) about both events, please join their Discord and/or leave your email here.

If you want more of any of these games, they are organising weekly training nights for all of them under the guidance of an experienced coach. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in their Discord!

Join the Beta Business Days 2022!

The Beta Business Days will take place on the 9th and 10th of March at MartiniPlaza. The programme will include activities such as business presentations, case studies, company one-on-ones and speed dates. Besides that, our opening speaker is André Kuipers! You can sign up at until the 2nd of March. The deadline to apply for CV-selected modules is the 24th of February.

In addition, a preparation day will be organized on the 22nd of February. During this day Integrand will give a CV-training.

We hope to see you there!

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