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Oh hello,

Fancy seeing you here...

After some relaxing tea time, we got to practice our pool skills Thursday night. A lot of people were there, excited to hang out and it was heaps of fun. But the week was not over! Last night IntroCee hosted the long-awaited Intro Camp Afterparty. Such a blast!

Next week we have not one, but two, Karting with YER events organised for you! Do you race your friends on a regular basis, or have you always wanted to try? This is the opportunity for you. While the events are filling up quickly, there are still some spots on Tuesday. But how long will they be there for?

After a long year of waiting the next SNiC is finally in sight. The topic this year is CreativIT. I personally think this is a very creative theme 😉. Like every year we will be going together by bus to enjoy a whole day of interesting speakers from both the business and the academic world. You can check out what has been released of the program and the speakers already, and there is much more to come. I for one am excited and I'm looking forward to seeing you there!

Auf Wiedersehen, Jellybean!

Tabea <3

We want you to be in a committee!

⚠️ Here is a cool thingy for our new members: Ever heard of a committee? A committee is a group of friends that work towards a common goal. You can learn about all sorts of topics such as budgeting, planning, sponsoring, and much more! See the website for a complete overview of committees that are looking for members!

Do you like designing posters? Marketing events? Posting on social media? PropaganDee is the committee for you! PropaganDee supports other committees in creating posters for their events and upkeeps Cover's magnificent Instagram page. If design interests you or you want to join the most creative committee, join PropaganDee now!

Are you excited to celebrate Cover's 6th Lustrum? Do you want to be part of the organisation of this birthday celebration? Join LustrumCee! They organise a multitude of events throughout the Lustrum week, all very diverse and unique. If you like organising fun social events of all shapes and sizes, this is the committee for you! You can be part of the team that makes this special week unforgettable for everyone.

Are you interested in joining a committee? Don't hesitate to contact Luca, our Commissioner of Internal Affairs!

Nice to know

Survey on Computer Science Certifications

The aim of this brief survey is to gather students' opinions on the importance of obtaining recognized certifications in conjunction with their university education. This survey is part of a research project led by Fadi Mohsen and Zare Hassanpour. It will only take a few minutes to complete, and all responses will be kept confidential.

Eiffel Tower

Did you know the Eiffel Tower changes size? With the rise of temperatures, the Tower's size increases. It happens due to thermal expansion. This also causes the Eiffel Tower to tilt slightly away from the sun during the summer.

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