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Sustainability Week is Here


Nice to see you again! Last week was a great week, and we have an exciting one ahead of us: Sustainability Week! And not to forget, we can look forward to the third edition of GAPC next Saturday.

Starting off strong, on Monday we will learn more about sustainability in cloud-based software systems during the Falling from the clouds lecture. Afterwards we will have Dinner together, before we Crochet for Charity. Here you can make crochet squares for charity! If you don't know how yet, that is no problem.

Tuesday morning we will have a Vegan Coffee Morning☕, followed by a Biodiversity Tour to learn more about biodiversity on Zernike! Later that day, SporTee is organising a game of Beach Volleyball to bring the ultimate holiday vibes to you.

On Wednesday the three day long (Wed - Fr) Clothes Swap begins. Bring your gently-used clothes and items to exchange for something new-to-you. In the afternoon you can take a breather and create some beautiful things 🎨 from the eventful week and join us for ArtsTea Time. Afterwards we will go to Lust for a Pub Quiz.

If you are feeling artistic TADA! :D is your moment to shine. TADA! :D stands for Thursday Art Display And :Drinks. Join us during the Art Display on the environment and enjoy some drinks as well! You can win prizes by submitting art!

On Friday SustainabiliTee has organised a Food Waste Talk. Here you can learn more about how to reduce costs by minimizing food waste and be better for the environment while doing it! In theme of the day, we will enjoy a Vegan Cooking Workshop, which will have you cook up some delicious plant-based recipes in no time.

Finally, get ready to showcase your programming skills and have a fun-filled Saturday, by participating in this years edition of GAPC. Whether you're a beginner or a grandmaster, this competition is designed for everyone! You can still sign up until the 2nd of May.

Auf Wiedersehen, Jellybean!

Tabea <3

We want you to be in a committee!

⚠️ Here is a cool thingy for our new members: Ever heard of a committee? A committee is a group of friends that work towards a common goal. You can learn about all sorts of topics such as budgeting, planning, sponsoring, and much more! See the website for a complete overview of committees that are looking for members!

Do you enjoy the Cover Room? You can be part of the committee that makes it all the more friendly!! Within RoomCee, you are responisible for keeping the Room open, clean and friendly. It's a great way of talking to people that walk into the room and making Cover very gezellig!

DisCover is the name of Cover's magazine and of the committee behind it. The committee is responsible for gathering, creating, and editing content, and determining what goes into the magazine. We are hoping to start with a new edition of DisCover soon, so there is a lot of freedom on how it is going to look like. If that interests you, this is the perfect time to join DisCover!

Are you interested in joining a committee? Don't hesitate to contact Luca, our Commissioner of Internal Affairs!

Nice to know

Vote & Quiz Pub Night: Elect Your Knowledge!

In cooperation with the Central Voting Office the Participation Coordinator office of the RUG is organising a pub quiz, during which students will answer questions about participation at the University and vote in the upcoming elections! There will be free drinks and snacks and you can bring home some awesome prizes if you do well.

The event will take place on Tuesday, May 14th from 19:00 to 21:00. We will meet in two locations: the Academy Building and Zernike. You can find more details and registration here.

Benelux RF Conference

On 29 May 2024, Bits&Chips is organizing the eight edition of the Benelux RF Conference in Nijmegen. You can find more information here.

Vegan Alcohol

Did you know, not all alcohol is vegan?

It may come as a shock to you to hear that just because something is made from a plant, like beer, wine, or potatoes, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is suitable for a vegan diet. Alcoholic beverages usually undergo filtration before bottling, frequently using animal products like isinglass (fish bladder), gelatin, egg white, or milk protein. This means that your drink may indeed not be vegan.

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